Show Results 2015

New Cumnock

Judge:  Mr Jim Thomson, The Marr, Thornhill

Champion:  A Brown, Macqueston with a Ewe Lamb on her first outing, by a home-bred Firth C13 Tup and out of a home-bred Ewe.

Reserve:  W Parker, Old Hall with a two-crop home bred Ewe by the Keb.


Drymen Show

Judge:  J Duncan, Cairnbog, Kilsyth

Champion:  J Pirie, Blairnavaid, Drymen with a previously unshown home-bred Ewe Hogg by the £9000 firth out of a home-bred Ewe by a Glenrath sire.

Reserve:  Duke of Montrose, Gartincaber with a Ewe Lamb shown by shepherd John McDougall, she is by a Parkgatestone sire and out of home-bred Ewe.


Carsphairn Show

Judge:  C McGegan, Craigmule, Moniave

Champion:  A Brown, Macqueston with a Ewe Lamb

Reserve:  J Guild, Laight, New Cumnock


Gargunnock Show

Judge:  W Lockhart, Culdoach, Tongland

Champion:  D & H Gray, Drumnessie, Kilsyth with a  Ewe Hogg on its first outing and she went on and won the Sheep Interbreed.  She is by a Minty Tup out of a Glenfernate-bred Ewe.

Reserve:  D & H Gray with a  Ewe Lamb by a Claylands tup out of a Glenfernate Ewe.


Campsie Show

Judge:  S McIntosh, Outer Huntly, Selkirk

Champion:  J Duncan, Drumheldric, Dyke Cottage, Milton of Campsie with the Ewe lamb.

Reserve:  D Henderson, Auchenrivoch with a twin Ewe Lambs.



Stirling Show

Judge: J Cunningham, Parkgatestone, Biggar

Champion:  D & H Gray, Drumnessie, Kilsyth with with Gargunnock Champion, a home-bred gimmer by a Minto sire bought at Kelso, out of a seven-year-old Glenfernate-bred Ewe

Reserve:  A Campbell, Drimsyne Estate, Lochgoilhead with a Ewe Lamb by a Marriforth sire.



Straiton Show

Judge:  Mr Craig Thornborrow, Annieston, Symington

Champion:  W Parker, Old Hall, Newton Stewart with a home-bred two-crop Ewe which was sired by Hallmains C9 otherwise known as the Keb.  She is out of a Glenvernoch Ewe and was reserve at New Cumnock.

Reserve:  A Shennan, Farden, Turnberry with a Ewe Lamb on its first outing. She is by Kilnstown Tup, bought at Carlise for £2000 and is out of a Greenside-bred Ewe.



East Kilbride Show

Judge:  G Donald, 2 East Coldoch Cottage, Blairdrummond

Champion:  J Guild, Laight, New Cumnock with eight-year old Ewe who was Reserve at Dalrymple last year.  She was shown with twin lambs at foot having been bought from Jim Walker, Tower as a Ewe Lamb.

Reserve:  John Guild, Laight with a Ewe Hogg bred by Mains of Larg.